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As my German is not that great, I will continue in English. I saw you in the exposition underneath the Holocaust Memorial with your mother. I believe it was just after noon. You visited the exposition with headphones on just like me (audio tour). You smiled at me twice I think, the final time near the entrance towards the toilets, just before you left with your mother. At that moment I was grabbing and reading a leaflet. I was the guy with the beard. Unfortunately I was too shy to react. I would love to know you. Of course could it be possible that you are not German. I am German neither. But I thought that I had to do this :) Extra information: your haircolour on top was lighter (blonde?) and had a different hairstyle. You were also smaller than me. I believe you wore a hoodie or something like that and maybe jeans. If you read this please react, also if you wont get to know me.

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